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Aluminum Siding

The number of choices are vast to say the least for a homeowner, trying to decide on the type of siding for their home. We, as contractors help you with one of such choices – Aluminum Siding.

Depending on the location and other factors, aluminum might be an exceptional siding choice for your home. Aluminum is a soft metal, meaning, the thickness of the siding makes a remarkable difference. The standard thickness is 44 gauge, but you can get cheap aluminum siding of 0.4 inches thick which is referred as 40 gauge aluminum. But for those who wish for the best siding can purchase the 53 gauge aluminum siding. It is very expensive but the cost is prevailed over by the life expectation of the siding. A home with 53 gauge aluminum siding would not require re-siding for at least 35 years, and quite probably longer though the home will require painting 2 or 3 times to keep it look new and fresh during the lifetime of the siding.

Aluminum panels come in both a horizontal and a vertical format, letting the homeowner ample freedom in designing the external look of a home. Aluminum offers excellent insulating properties, specifically the heavy-gauge metal. In fact, it insulates a home better than vinyl siding and you can save a substantial amount on cooling and heating costs over the lifetime of the product. And also, the product is very light and easy to install which in turn help you saving on labor and that’s definitely an advantage.

Aluminum is best choice for people living in coastal areas with plenty of moisture or even salt-spray in the air. Wood and other siding absorb moisture, causing a lot of problems many of them related to health, but aluminum siding do not swell, decay or encourage the growth of fungus. Unlike steel, aluminum siding does not rust. In fact, aluminum siding is totally waterproof and offers excellent home protection against dampness. For homeowners living in extreme cold areas, aluminum is a better option than vinyl because of the fact that aluminum can withstand extreme cold condition, whereas vinyl can become stiff and may easily crack during severe cold weather. Once the siding cracks, water can easily get under the siding and may cause several problems. Aluminum removes water problems almost entirely.

Aluminum comes in a different patterns and textures, many imitating wood. The sliding comes pre-painted with the choice of baked-on colors or you can paint the siding any color of your choice. And, finally, this siding is usually a low-maintenance choice than most other siding. Other than probably hosing it off and wiping it with a soft, damp cloth once a year, there’s really not much of a hard work that required to be put into aluminum siding with the probable painting it every 10 to 12 years.

Aluminum is recyclable. For the homeowner who wants to go “green,” aluminum siding makes perfect sense.