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Shingle Roof

Shingle Roofs are essentially pitched roofs atop which roofing shingles are laid. Roofing shingles are essentially curved or flat tiles that overlap and interlock such that water is channeled off the roof. The installation of shingle roofs begins with a starter course and seams on the edges to prevent leaks and are always done bottom-up.

We provide you with shingles that are constructed out of a variety of materials like asphalt, metal, plastic, wood, flagstone, composite material and slate. We understand that shingle roofs are a very visible part of your building and hence offer you a number of aesthetically pleasing options of colors, textures and patterns that vary in their cost, durability, weight and style. When weighing one's options with regard to roofing shingles, the builder will need to consider his client's budget, the pitch of the roof, the climate of the region/area and the complementarity of the tiles to the building's design aspects.


Types of Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

Used widely in the U.S for residential purposes, these are simple to install and affordable, but are durable for only up to approximately 20-30yrs. They can be recyclable in some cases. Over time, though, the fibers in asphalt shingles often shrink. This leaves the nail heads beneath the shingles exposed which cause water to seep through and rot the underlying roofing materials. Further, this causes the occurrence of moisture damage that affects ceilings and paint on the interior of the building. These are not usually very expensive to install.

Wood Shingles

Shakes and shingles are the main kinds of wood shingles seen in the market. The basic difference between them lies in their craftsmanship. While is former is split, the latter is sawn. Being combustible, though, these are banned is several parts of the world. However, these are more expensive to install than asphalt.

Stone Shingles

In comparison, the installation of this type of shingles is more expensive but on the other hand, they last for anything between 80 and 400 years. Their durability depends on the quality of material used as well as their maintenance. A demerit of shingle roofs using these is that if they are too steep, it will result in the shingles sliding off. Not particularly cheap to install, these can be replaced with synthetic slate shingles which boast an appearance that is similar but are not as durable.

Metal Shingles

Being highly resistant to fires, these are used in areas prone to fires. Also, these are suitable for particularly steep or flat roofs and are being seen increasingly in the United States. A relatively less expensive version is the galvanized metal roof which lasts up to fifty years.

Plastic Shingles

Among the most economical to install and also extremely lightweight, these are fairly sturdy but prone to fires. They mostly imitate stone shingles. Plastic shingles which are similar in appearance to a cedar or slate roof can be said to be among the least expensive options among those available.

It can be said that several home owners today are going in for the cost-effective option of asphalt shingles or choosing metal ones for their durability.