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Wood Rot Repair

Wood dry rot can happen anywhere in the house on the deck, staircase, porch, eaves and beams and joists supporting the roof. Wet weather or a leak that hasn’t been repaired invades wood work and dry rot sets in. If boards have been affected by dry rot it can lead to more leaks if the moisture has reached below the shingles.

Causes of Dry Rot

Badly done flashing, torn shingles that have not been repaired and overflowing allow the water to seep in. Once water penetrates the wood remains soggy and from there it spreads to other places. Birds and squirrels that build their nests in the eaves can also cause damage through their activities. If the fascia and soffit are already damaged then get them repaired or they could cause worse damage. If you notice birds squirrels or bees around the eaves call us so that we can examine the eaves for any damage and dry rot penetration and get to repair the roof.


No quick fix for dry rot roof repair

If dry rot has set into your roof then though it requires immediate attention there are no quick fixes. Roof repairs for dry can be a long drawn out process as it can be layers deep especially if it has not been discovered in the early stages. As roofers we have to understand and get to the root cause of the dry rot so that the leak is plugged and dry rot does not continue to spread. Putting into place new shingles could do the job but one cannot be careful enough to ensure that moisture does not have a chance to work the dry rot into the eaves again from faulty shingles.

Roof repair needs professionals

As professional roofing contractors we do a thorough job and do not leave any room for complaints. Also we have the equipment and the tools to work safely and steadily at removing the boards and replacing them. We also have the kind of material on hand that could be required like underlying felt, different sized boards and we know how to remove the nails even from rotting boards. Don’t let anyone persuade you that just removing the patch of rot will solve the dry rot problem as that is at best a temporary patch up, which could require a change in less than a year.

Wood dry rot roof repair

Since we have undertaken a number of dry rot roofing repairs we know exactly what the roof repair involves. It means replacing the damaged and rotten shingles as well as any flashing that could have rusted because of the constant leaks. Sometime peeling paint and leaks on the roof overhang, as well as bad weather conditions can cause it to succumb to the rot. If that happens it is a job that has to be done from below the roof and climbing up and down ladders can be a struggle unless you have the know-how and skills.