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Ice Damage

After snowfall there can be an excessive load of snow on roofs and this can lead to ice damage. Roof top and gutter side ice dams can cause serious damage to the roof of your house if they appear suddenly. This is especially true of flat roofs though ice damage does happen on slanting roofs too.

Ice damage can be severe

As contractors we have seen that it’s mostly on the eaves that ice forms as they are colder than other parts of the roof and that’s why they suffer more ice damage. When melting water from the heated roof collects behind the ice on the eaves it enters the shingles and then pours into the house causing havoc. In the winter months a cycle of heating and cooling gets set and this hardens the ice dams or thaws them and ice damage then becomes imminent if these ice dams are left untreated. Once these ice dams become big and hard then they cause ice damage not only on the roof but also around or in the gutter. If the hardened ice falls down from the roof it can damage the siding or windows and even cause flooding inside the house.


Advice on roof repair

The moment you see that an ice dam is forming call us so that we can remove it immediately. If you see icicles hanging on your roof, wonder at their beauty, but don’t forget to call us either because if not dealt with they can lead roof damage. Snow covered roofs in freezing weather are also bad news as these turn into ice dams very quickly. The dams can tear out gutters, loosen shingles which can cause water to leak into your house and cause severe damage to insulation, paint and ceilings.

Get professionals

Hacking at ice dams or even shoveling at the snow can damage the roofing. Throwing salt will not resolve the issue either. Give us a call and we will immediately stop the water from leaking into your interiors by blowing cold air at the roof underside so the water freezes immediately. Before the snow hardens we can easily remove it by raking it from below. Most ice dams occur on the roof but they form on other areas too and we know where to look to ensure that your roof or house does not suffer from ice damage.

Treating ice dams is risky

Just remember that ice does not have to be thick to cause damage. If the roof is steep then a thick ice dam could cause damage as for flat roofs, even a very thin layer can cause damage and so it is advisable to get it removed at the earliest. If you don’t know how to do it safely yourself call us and we will remove the ice dams with steam even if it takes longer than hacking. Of course there are instances where we have successfully removed ice with picks and hammers but let us judge which will be the right approach.