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Emergency Roof Repair

Thunderstorms and tornadoes often damage the house or roof especially if a tree or a heavy tree limb has fallen on the roof causing structural or heavy roof damage. Heavy rains can develop a hole in the roof that can cause interior damage so it needs to be fixed immediately.

Repairs are immediate

An emergency situation can become worse if not handled by professional roofers. As roofing contractors we react immediately to such situations because we know delay can cause more damage which pushes up costs. The moment you call us we quickly make an assessment, determine the right kind of repairs needed, provide you an estimate and then immediately carry out quality roof repairs.


Emergency roof repair by professionals

As a temporary measure you could have covered the roof with a plastic or tarp. However, we undertake emergency roof repair or fix it permanently as we always have roofing materials available. Roof repair is not the safest preposition as you require proper equipment and the skills to repair a roof while the storm could still be blowing and there could be high winds. As professionals we know how to counter the wet and slippery roof and still do emergency roof repair correctly as we have certified roofers.

Emergency roof repair cost

Sometimes the storm is so severe that we would first need to tarp the roof till it is safer to carry out heavy duty repairs. If you contract us for re-roofing also than we normally do not charge separately for the tarp. Also we help you to make an assessment for replacing the roof if needed so that you can claim insurance for the whole job as the payment for the tarp will then be included in the claim. Rest assured that we charge only for the roof repair work that we actually do so that you do not have to pay over the claim amount.

Types of emergency repair

In emergency situations most homeowners panic but there is nothing to worry about. Call us and we will ensure your house does not suffer further damage even if we repair the roof properly only after the storm is over. Besides tarp we sometimes even do an emergency fix with tin so that the shingles do not get damaged further. Since we can assess the damage immediately we know the kind of emergency roof repair your roof could require by just checking a few things out. Sometimes if the storms are severe and we are unable to fix it immediately then the emergency roof repair could involve the use of plywood below the tarp. We have professional roofers who can undertake this long haul emergency roof repair so water is neither trapped below or on the tarp.

As experienced contractors we have undertaken a number of emergency roof repair jobs so you can be assured that we take each emergency roof repair seriously. Calling us means handing your roof repairs to us so that you and your family are completely safe.