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Hail and Storm Damage

If you live in Pacific you know it is frequented by storms and hail damage is something that your roof could be affected by after each storm. As your contractor of choice we look for signs that indicate the extent of the damage so you can make the correct insurance claim. For a free on site evalutation on all of your siding needs click the button below.

Not just roof repair

You might not realize the extent of the damage but as contractors we know that storms affect more than the roof. We always check out the gutters, windows, paint, wood and metal pieces and chimneys so we can undertake the full job. This saves you the bother of hiring someone different for each of the repair jobs.

Immediate roof repair inspection

The moment you call us after you are hit by a hail storm we come for inspection. Since we are here to help you in every way, we make a thorough assessment of the hail damage to your roof and other parts of the house. It is not possible to assess damage on your own as you won’t know what to look for. As specialists in hail damage roof repair we can evaluate the damage correctly. We will not only help you to have your hail damaged roof repaired but if required fully replaced within the cost covered by your claim.

Roof repair material always available

As contractors we can offer you competitive prices for your supplies as we have tie-ups with local suppliers to supply us with all kinds of roofing materials. Even if the storms are still blowing over we can get the supplies so that you don’t have to wait out the storm season with a hail damaged roof that could lead to issues of water seeping into the house. As contractors we do not skip any installation details and our material is always of the highest quality and we offer warranties on the roof repair.

Best deals for roof repair

As a reputable and licensed roofing contractor we understand the kind of damage asphalt shingles sustain because of hail damage. There is likely to be granule loss, penetration of the shingles because edges could be damaged. Once this happens it shortens the life of the roof structure. Hence it is important to give you a correct analysis and cost of roof repair. We are able to make more adjustments in costs when we undertake the entire repair job and we provide you with all insights so that you can get the best deal from your insurance.

Professional roof repair

As professional roof repair contractors we can assess the damage caused by the hail storm and can tell you if you require a roof replacement or if roof repair will suffice to withstand another similar storm. Even if you require just a row of shingle replacement you need a professional job done so that the surrounding shingles are not weakened. As professionals we carry out the repairs in a timely manner and look into any associated problem so that your roof is safe.

Types of Hail Damage

Hail damage to asphalt shingles

Hail damage to wood shingles