Excavation Services in Pacific, Mo

Ray Gullet, owner of Gullet Contracting, personally performs all excavation work for each of our clients. With over 20 years of experience in excavation services, Ray has an unmatched level of expertise in the area. With his help, we’re able to miraculously shape land to withstand the weight of innovative construction projects. By doing it ourselves, we can confirm that the land is properly cleared, excavated and ready for the construction team to begin on the foundation. Eliminating the need to rent expensive equipment, we own several heavy-duty excavation machines to meet a wide variety of needs. Our excavation services include:

  • Grading
  • Leveling
  • Landscape digout and berm
  • Rock breaking and removal
  • Sewer line installation and repair
  • Water line installation and repair
  • Water runoff repair
  • Land clearing
  • Road building
  • General demolition
  • Grinder pit installation
  • Site prep for new homes and buildings
  • And more!

Contact Us Today for Professional Excavation Services!

By investing in excavation services, you’re truly starting the building process from the ground up. This makes for a long-lasting structure with resilience to damages. If the project you need is not listed, give us a call and inquire to see if Gullet Contracting can take care of your excavation needs. Contact us today for professional excavation services!