Dry-Out Services

As preferred vendors for insurance, Gullet Contracting provides emergency services to residential and commercial property owners throughout Pacific, Mo. and surrounding areas. We’re equipped with the best equipment, tools and personnel to execute dry-out services that can save your home from the harmful effects of water damage.

What’s a Dry-Out Service?

Water damage is an unfortunate occurrence that left unattended, can cost a lot of money in interior repairs. These disasters happen when you least expect them to, but the team of experts at Gullet Contracting is here to help. We use portable units that’re constructed specifically for massive water removal. Dry-out and dehumidification services are essential after water removal to minimize damages to your home. Our high-speed air movers will evaporate leftover moisture from walls, carpets, furniture and other interiors to halt the formation of mold.

Insurance Coverage for Emergency Service

At Gullet Contracting, we fully understand the stresses and financial hurdles of experiencing damages to your home. To help alleviate some stress, we work directly with your insurance company so you don’t have to. Additionally, we base our dry-out services entirely on insurance proceeds to make the much needed service as affordable as possible. Gullet Contracting has everything needed to get things back to normal as soon as possible. Give us a call and let us estimate your dry-out project.

Get a Free Estimate for Dry-Out Services

Contact us immediately if you’re in need of dry-out services or other home repairs from unforeseen damage. To stay prepared for battling water damage, get a free online estimate today!